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The Auburn Unicycle Club, also known as the Auburn Unicyclists, is based in Auburn, Alabama, home of Auburn University.  War Eagle!! The club is open to anyone who can ride a unicycle. There is no membership fee. Most of our riders are children and young people between 6 and 17 years old, but we also have adult members, university students, and parents. There are about 40 active members, and almost 100 people in the Auburn - Opelika area have learned to balance atop one wheel.

Riding through cones at Ashford, AL Fall Festival

What We Do

The Auburn Unicycle Club meets about twice a month for "fun, exercise, learning, sharing, and fellowship," as our Director would say. Anyone who can ride a unicycle is welcome. The club usually meets on the first and third Sunday of each month, from 2:00 to 3:30pm, at the Dean Road Recreation Center, 307 South Dean Road.  Subject to change. Verify dates and times with Seth.  We meet to practice, teach each other new skills, show off to passers by, and generally have fun.

We also perform at parades and sporting events, for civic organizations and churches, at public and private schools, and we are happy to give demonstrations as time and resources allow.  Recent events include the Mardi Gras parade at the Montgomery campus, Christmas parades in Auburn and Opelika, and an Independence Day parade in Marietta, GA.

For more information, or to schedule an event, contact Seth or Sally Granberry.  You can reach them by mail at 1329 Sanders Street, Auburn, AL 36830, by phone at (334)821-5290, or by email at


How's the air up there?

Want to Learn?

Unicycling is great fun, and it's a skill that almost anyone can learn (with determination). Lessons are currently available through Auburn's Parks and Recreation department.  The classes are offered four times a year (subject to the Parks and Rec. Dept.'s minimum enrollment).  Each class runs for 10 weeks, meeting from 7:00 to 8:00pm on Monday evenings.  The cost is $30 per student, and a unicycle will be available for each student during lessons.  Contact Seth for more information.

Need to Buy a Unicycle?

Some bike shops carry decent, rideable unicycles - The Bike Shop in downtown Auburn had one on hand last time I checked. Most can probably order unicycles, as Cycle Escape on Montgomery's Atlanta Highway has done for me in the past. Then there's the mail order route, which is hi-tech these days, of course. We suggest you check with the Unicycle Source in the Atlanta area, where we've found some pretty good deals and some really cool products (check out those Jugglebugs!).

Of course, the sales volume of unicycles is small compared to bicycles, so you'll have to pay more for a decent uni than for a decent bike - but they can be found for less than $100. Whatever you do, don't try to learn to ride using a cheaply made unicycle - trust me, it's quite discouraging.

More About Unicycling

I could try to give a lot of general information about unicycling, but after all, there are national and international organizations that can do a better job:

Unicycling Society of America
International Unicycling Federation

You can also explore many other unicycling related sites, starting at The Unicycle Page or Yahoo Unicycling Links

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